All Terrain Vehicles

MRT Specialist Driver Training has developed their All-Terrain Vehicle training for operators of All-Terrain vehicles and to include 8 wheel and semi amphibious skid steer specialist vehicles.

Currently training can be delivered both domestically and internationally and international mining and drilling exploration companies. The key objective of this course is to improve the operation skills required for safe operation, maintenance and driving of All-Terrain vehicles.

Course Delivery and Details

Vehicle instruction and driving programs are delivered as either introduction to service, conversion, remedial or skills development

There are many components to this course including:

  • Pre-operation Inspection and Equipment checks of an All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Load Inspection
  • Check to confirm compliance with operation guidelines
  • Personal Protection equipment and clothing to comply with legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • A knowledge of registration and licensing requirements and exemptions for All Terrain Vehicle.