Defensive Driving

All courses delivered by MRT Specialist Driver Training have embedded in them high level defensive driving techniques; which have developed by our highly-qualified Trainer and Assessors.

Our training can be delivered as part of nationally accredited training or as a stand-alone package which can also be tailored to our client requirements.

Course Delivery and Details

This course includes the following components:

  • The “Smith System”
  • Advanced System of Vehicle Control – positioning / lines / apex’s / limit point analysis / A1 A2 acceleration points
  • Detailed observation skills and development -removal of blind spots
  • Depth of understanding – management of longitudinal and lateral forces
  • Understanding vehicle safety mechanisms and common misconceptions
  • Steering and braking techniques / hazard avoidance
  • Time Lapse Formula – following and braking distance analysis
  • Seating and posture – maximizing and moderation of driver input from the driver’s seat