Drive and Recover 4WD Vehicle

All MRT Specialist Trainers and Assessors have extensive experience in 4-wheel Drive operations and training with many of our Driver Trainers having experience from the Australian Defence Force, Police and Emergency Services.

4 Wheel Drive Operations and Recovery has been delivered to the Australian Defence Force, Emergency Services, Government and mining companies both locally and internationally.

Course Delivery and Details

4 Wheel Drive instruction is delivered as either ab initio, conversion, remedial or skills development.

This course includes:

  • Water crossing
  • Extreme territory driving
  • Compliance to company and environmental policies
  • Communications
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Includes light vehicle operations
  • Operator maintenance
  • Safe vehicle driving behaviours
  • Low-risk driving strategies
  • Road rules
  • Managing collisions
  • Maintaining high level vehicle control skills