Tactical Driving

MRT Driver Trainers have extensive experience in Police and Defence Force tactical driving operations and instruction, including 4 wheel vehicles and motorcycles.

Our Tactical Driving course is designed for clients who require a highly proficient skill level in vehicle control and for driving in adverse, high-risk environments and areas.

Clients have utilised this course for the following scenarios:

  • Emergency response
  • Dignitary protection/Escort
  • Surveillance
  • Military environments
  • Remote and mining area driving

Course Delivery and Details

There are many components to this course including:

  • Introducing participants to vehicle dynamics and manoeuvrability
  • Performing dynamic J-turns, L-turns, U-turns, and slalom.
  • Coordinating motorcade operations, ramming and protecting against attacks on a motorcade and vehicle deployment.

The objective of the course is to deliver driving skills that meet high level of judgement, preplanning and response readiness for any given situation or environment.